Natan’s Bar Mitzvah Manchester | ER Event Photography

Bar Mitzvah Photographer Manchester | Natan’s Bar Mitzvah

Natan’s Bar Mitzvah back in December 2018 was spectacular, what an event.  We’ve been to and seen some amazing events in our time as photographers but nothing could have prepared us for the pure joy of watching 55 kids go absolutely crazy with joy.  Natan and his friends certainly know how to party and the silent disco was anything but silent.  Road3 Events put on an amazing night for Natan and everyone had a fab time as you can see from the photos.

Capturing The Moments

The evening was packed full of moments, we were spoilt for choice on what to capture.  There was fantastic music, Israeli dancing, people being thrown in the air.  Having 2 photographers to capture this event gave the clients so many more memories to treasure as there were things happening all the time.  This event was very much based on the kids having a blast and they certainly did. 

Manchester Bar Mitzvah Photographer

Natan would of been the talk of the class at School on Monday morning.  What an amazing Bar Mitzvah. A huge shout to all the amazing suppliers who made this event so special.

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