Corporate Party Photographer Manchester | Managers Meal

Corporate Party Photographer | Managers Meal

It’s always wonderful to be booked to photograph an event for a corporate client.  It’s really important for corporate businesses to recognise when staff need to let their hair down. Working in a team for 8 hours a day (sometimes longer) with people that you’ve been made to either take orders from or work closely with can be a challenge for some and building friendships and creating a let loose environment for staff to enjoy themselves is really important.

Social Networking within Business

We are so often forced together in a working environment and building friendships and a social network can increase productivity within teams, which is why team building and social networking is vital to most businesses.  A happy workforce is a productive one.

Capturing The Moments

We love nothing more than capturing moments so that you can relive the moment or day over and over.  Book us to capture your next corporate social networking event, use the photos in staff brochures or just some fun for the canteen.

Bury Event Photographer

This bury based business goes all out to make sure that staff enjoy an evening out.  This recent event at The Pavilion Bistro in Birle Village just shows you how close the friendships are amongst the staff and how these guys really do let their hair down.  It was a pleasure to capture such wonderful moments.

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