Bar Mitzvah Photography Manchester – Torah Readings

The Bar Mitzvah Torah Readings

What an honour it was today to photograph the Torah Reading for Natan’s Bar Mitzvah.  Today Natan turned 13 so in accordance to the Jewish Religion he is now of age and to celebrate this each young adult performs a Torah Reading in from of the Rabbi (Teacher of the Torah) and influential people within the congregation.

Reading the Torah

Natan did an amazing job during his reading and in the presence of his proud family, he took to reading allowed with ease.  It was so lovely to see all the encouragement that his family and congregation gave him during such an important part of his culture.

The Tefillin & Tallit

Natan’s wore his Tefillin for the 1st time and it was lovely to see the elders helping him to put it on right.  Natan’s Tallit (prayer shawl) looked stunning too, the detailed embroidery really stood out. We wish Natan a very happy 13th Birthday and we can’t wait for the Party this weekend.

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