Interior Property Photoshoot for CW Design

Interior Property Photoshoot for CW Design

We recently completed a stunning interior photoshoot for a newly refurbished home by CW Design. The home was meticulously dressed to showcase the design firm’s latest and greatest in interior design.

The refurbishment of the home was a collaborative effort between the design team at CW Design and the homeowners. Together, they created a space that was both functional and stylish. The use of light and neutral colour palettes allowed the eye to flow effortlessly throughout the home, while still incorporating bold accents and statement pieces.

One of the standout features of the home was the living room. The designer chose to focus on a soft colour palette, with a clean, modern sofa, and a statement pieces. The use of natural elements, such as the flowers and curtains, helped to soften the space and bring a sense of warmth.

The kitchen was another highlight of the photoshoot, with its sleek cabinetry, countertops, and modern appliances. The open-plan design of the space allowed for effortless entertaining and was a testament to the homeowners’ love of cooking and hosting.

The bedrooms were a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Soft linens, comfortable bedding, and gentle lighting helped to create a serene atmosphere. In the master bedroom, a statement headboard, and a pop of colour in the sofa.

In conclusion, the interior photoshoot of this refurbished home was a true showcase of the talent and expertise of Claire at CW Design. From the living room to the bedroom spaces, every detail was carefully considered and executed to perfection. The homeowners can now enjoy their beautiful and functional new home, and we at ER Photography are proud to have played a part in showing off this amazing property.